The Distribution Checklist & ‘Where to Share’…

During pitches and before proposals are submitted, we hear this one over and over again: clients have dipped a toe into the world of video marketing but when they’ve been left without an idea of how to distribute their content properly, the results are often underwhelming. Every proposal we submit covers at the very least, a standard guide on how to distribute the proposed content based on what the video will be used for and whereabouts in the funnel is intended for. We understand that producing video content isn’t about vanity; it’s about generating more sales. We aim to consult with all our clients on a much more specific and granular level as to the best methods for distribution, but here is a solid starting point and general overview of available options.



After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine on the Internet. Its reach is absolutely colossal. This means that this is your first port of call when it comes to distribution methods. You’ll want to upload key content and then drive viewers back to your website where they can view additional content without distraction. Everything we produce with YouTube in mind is keyword rich and fully transcribed so that it can be found easily and efficiently.

Your Website & Other Inbound Channels

Buyers are so much more savvy these days; they’ve researched your products and services long before they’ve even spoken to a sales team. Having properly tagged video content on your own website enables visitors to view your content and make an even more informed decision. In turn, this facilitates your organic SEO efforts because video content holds attention, which Google and other search engines perceives as solid performance, thereby improving your search rankings.  

Email Campaigns

A study by GetResponse surveying almost one BILLION emails found that those containing video had a 96% higher click through rate compared to those text or images alone. This means having video content to embed in emails is a certifiable no-brainer.

Email Signatures

Instead of the standard name, email and telephone number, why not include a hyperlink to your latest piece of video content? The ease and efficiency of this kind of measure is too easy to ignore.


If you’re a B2B company and use sales or pitch decks to explain your value proposition, why not simply include an embedded link to facilitate your distribution?

Social Media

This method is your greatest asset when leveraging your existing following to view and engage with your video content. Before we even discuss paid opportunities with certain social networks, we always encourage clients to distribute new content via Facebook, Twitter, Instgram and LinkedIn, to name but a few. With the right transcribing and calls-to-action, these methods are undoubtedly very effective.

Finally, consider how you might use your prize assets on your own blog, partner blogs and key press releases. These methods are often very shareable, meaning that limited effort in releasing new content can yield highly desirable results.

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