In 2018, there are more platforms than ever upon which to create a digital strategy.
With this brings a truly exciting opportunity to push the creative envelope further than brands have previously dared to. And at the very center of this opportunity is STORY. With thirty years combined experience in the US & UK film and television industry, Alastair Ramsden & Simon Tatum understand this art form succinctly.


As former Assistant Directors to the likes of Ben Wheatley, Tim Burton & Ken Loach, they went on to produce, write and direct movies, documentaries and television projects in all corners of the globe. 
When we set out to establish 21st Street Creative, a film focused branded content agency, we realized that part of our core strength and capability would be to help PR professionals to construct these kinds of narratives for their clients.
What we realized from the outset is that there is much more crossover in filmmaking and advertising than people realize. A movie is a long-form idea that unfolds over two hours or so, but ultimately, this idea needs to be sold to a studio in pitch form or to its ultimate audience via a trailer. So that story will be told in two minutes or less in order to truly grab the viewer’s attention. And that’s exactly what we do: we distill everything a brand stands for into its simplest form. We often tell our clients that if we can’t do that, then the idea needs simplifying further. 
Ultimately, the goal is to move the audience and provoke a response. For an idea to have power, it needs to have brutal simplicity in order for it to take root.
Whether the message is to be broadcast on social media, branded YouTube channels, inbound marketing or targeted campaigns we emphasize time and time again that attention spans are only getting smaller, so this attention has to be treated as a commodity. 
The great thing about doing this kind of process with brands is that we get to extract these kinds of ideas more often. Unlike a film or television show which might be in the development cycle for three or more years, we can deliver a project from conception to strategy through delivery in as little as six weeks. This means we can cater towards what’s currently in the public hearts and minds and collective zeitgeist. 
As a core team of creatives working with an elite and trusted network of proven collaborators in film, television, commercial and corporate industries, we are trusted to deliver high concepts that can be spelled out in one sentence or less. Brands work with us and we work with them to establish trust…because trust gives you the safety to take risks. Risks become breakthroughs, breakthroughs lead to change and change fuels growth.

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