An ancient proverb explains that if you ‘tell me the facts I’ll learn, tell me the truth I’ll believe, but tell me a story and it will live on and on in my heart.’

You’ve built your company from the ground up understanding the importance of storytelling and how in a digital age, humanity gets lost in an abundance of technology when the right emotions aren’t provoked. You understand that the success of your clients is underpinned by the viability and authenticity of the message that you help your client to craft. But do you know just how ingrained in the human condition storytelling is, and how physical science supports this?

There is undoubtedly an art to storytelling. Within the pages of all great novels and the frames of all classic movies, storytellers use tension, sacrifice, conflict, comic relief and romance to craft an emotional rollercoaster. Regardless of the medium, those skilled in the art not only know how to use these elements but critically, they know how to use them structurally to create the desired emotional response. Thanks to the availability of new technologies and digital platforms, PR firms and marketing agencies can help any business in any industry achieve success through consistent and considered storytelling.

But there is a science behind it too…
Story without emotion is essentially a collection of facts told within a particular structure. It just doesn’t have the same effect. The emotional stimulation of a story unlocks empathy in our brains. As social creatures, empathy helps us to determine how we proceed with certain relationships based on what resonates with us from what we’ve learned so far. Do we connect? Do we buy-in? Again, you know the power of this because you’ve seen it in action with your clients time and time again. At 21st Street Creative, we amplify the power of storytelling for brands based on our understanding of narrative coupled with cinematic visuals. We produce engaging video content to help your clients deliver a story that helps their audiences choose them over their competitors. Why? Because they will simply tell a better story.   
We understand just how important the interplay between the left brain and the right brain is and as marketers, we can harness this knowledge to produce data-driven insights, powerful narratives, and results based on real-time metrics.

Simon TatumComment