5 Things Every Successful Startup has in their Locker

Standing out in a crowd is never an easy task for a business. Constantly competing for space and attention can test anyone’s patience, energy and resources. This is especially the case for startups, who spend the majority of their development stage trying to gain a foothold in their respective industries. We canvassed opinion from a few of our clients who have been through this process to create a list of FIVE CORE SKILLS that business owners sometimes overlook when setting out on their first new venture.


Writing Skills

Precise writing skills together with good oral skills are big assets while starting your first entrepreneurial venture. Drafting content to be used for a range of purposes is a skill worth mastering. Being able to convince investors that your business plan is in place is a must and this starts with clear formatting and precise punctuation. This is particularly the case if you are the only person taking care of website updates and digital marketing campaigns since only your writing and content is seen and judged.

Listen and Understand

Feedback is the best way a startup can grow and develop. Being an owner of a startup requires you to receive constant feedback from almost everybody you meet. Constructive criticism is something to learn and apply, not to argue against. Understanding the views from the opposite side allows for more balanced decisions. Well thought out decisions are of the utmost importance for your business venture. By listening, understanding and then responding, businesses enable healthy relationships to grow while having a direct positive outcome on your business.

Identifying Talent

No man is an island. Over time the workload is going to increase and having the right skills to correctly identify the right employees is vital. The best businesses treat employees as assets, rather than resources. Your startup is to survive then it needs to stand out. Having new ideas and thoughts, generated by your talent will help to differentiate your venture from the competition. 

Workflow Organization   

With each new startup comes the need for smart workflow organization. With limited resources and team members, the ability to effectively organize the workload so every team member is fulfilling their potential is easier said than done. Every individual works differently, and in the early stages a lot can be in demand in a short space of time.  Allow them to concentrate on no more than a few tasks at a time (unless there is an emergency brewing). Learn to effectively distribute the workload based on each employee’s strengths, while finding ways to improve their weaknesses.

Smart Work Tactics

Starting a new business often takes up the majority of an entrepreneur’s time. By implementing smarter work tactics, a company can work smarter and more efficiently. Work trends are shifting away from “living in the office” to “managing the office.” Thanks to new technology, managing workloads has never been easier. Being able to access work remotely allows for owners to stay on top of their businesses, while also allowing for time outside of the office as well.

New and exciting marketing techniques are constantly being developed in order to help startups stay ahead of the curve. Video marketing is central to many businesses looking to showcase the simplicity and need for their value proposition, and to quickly demonstrate key features.

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