Short Videos: Exciting & Effective Methods to Improve Brand Awareness

Attention is a commodity, and it’s becoming harder and harder to retain. Video marketing has exploded across social media over recent years because it does exactly that. Evidence shows repeatedly that creating compelling video content running thirty seconds or less can generate high user traffic, encourage conversation and therefore increase engagement more than any other media format.


Short video formats can help you to grasp your audience’s attention and give your brand’s name a firm foothold in the marketplace. Creating short videos that feature a ‘behind the scenes’ look can be a great way to inject familiarity and humanity into your branding. This kind of video format can be less formal by creating a sense of fun and enjoyment, coupled with a real feel for how your business operates.

Short videos can engage consumers by offering quick tips and solutions. Providing perfectly suited to-the-point answers, you are showing how your product or service is used, whilst offering a solution. Creating teasers for products and services is a way to grab audience’s attention right from the start while also providing clear instructions on how to access the longer versions hosted on your website or other proprietary platforms.

Got an offer or discount to tell your audience about? Short videos are a great way to provide a distinct and clear call-to-action to keep engagement high and sales moving.

Finally, putting your products or services into some kind of demonstration mode is a great way to showcase their immediate benefits to potential consumers. If your product or service has a benefit that can be summed up in 30 seconds or less, then why not make a short video showcasing just that?  

The idea of implementing professional-looking videos can feel daunting for businesses. But there’s no need to let this stop you from testing the water. Video marketing is central to many businesses looking to showcase the simplicity and need for their value proposition, and to quickly demonstrate key features.

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