The Power of Generation Z

The world we live in today is more socially connected than ever before. With the constant release of video games, applications and smartphone launches, the technological world is in perpetual motion, and no generation are better placed to benefit than Generation Z.


Generation Z were born social. The oldest of the generation are just about to enter the workforce, and they don’t remember life without the internet or social media. Over 92 percent of Generation Z have a digital footprint where social connectivity is cited as being essential for their wellbeing. With emerging knowledge of this young generation, we’ve outlined the ways in which they’re set to reshape the modern digital marketplace.

Hungry Buyers

With Generation Z spending more hours on their mobile devices than all previous generations combined, it’s no wonder that new technology is developing so quickly. Couple this appetite for new goods with the digital industry’s propensity for developing new tech at lightning speed and you have an audience who are tough to satiate. Consumer expectancy drives companies to innovate continually, and constant innovation is what makes consumers expectant.

Instant Demand

Services such as Netflix, Hulu and Twitch are all predicated on the concept of immediate availability. The instantaneous nature of these services has changed the way many people now watch their favorite digital content. According to Nielsen, 40% of Generation Z plan to ditch traditional paid cable TV services in favor of online-only options within the next few years.

Instant demand can shape the habits of the tech world by encouraging businesses to act quickly, and publicize their newest products as soon as consumers tire of the old ones.

Instant Gratification

The demographic most associated with smartphones and communication technology is undoubtedly Generation Z. No other age group in our society uses social media, the internet, and various messaging platforms as frequently as Generation Z. The whims and desires of this generation shape the tech world much more than those of other age groups. As time progresses, companies are recognizing the trends of Generation Z and are becoming ever more beholden to their cravings for new, faster and more innovative products.

The Power of Social Media

In modern society, a quick scan of the internet and social media will turn up opinions and commentary on virtually any topic people are willing to talk about. The Internet and social media permeate everything, and no generation is more susceptible to this than Generation Z. With 42 percent reporting that what they read on social platforms directly influences how they think and feel, it’s easy to see how influential it is on their lives. So it comes as no surprise that FullScreen Media found that Generation Z views video content as much as six times more than traditional media like articles and blogs. If your business wants to engage Generation Z throughout the sales process, video should be your medium of choice.

The idea of implementing professional-looking videos can feel daunting for businesses. But there’s no need to let this stop you from testing the water. Video marketing is central to many businesses looking to showcase the simplicity and need for their value proposition, and to quickly demonstrate key features.

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