Successful Brands Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing

Video is taking over the online marketplace. One hundred million hours of videos are watched on Facebook alone every single day. With 73% of marketers planning to increase their use of video content in 2018, here are the stories of four brands who used this key medium within their marketing campaigns to elevate audience engagement.


Lowes Home Improvement - ‘Wash, Rinse, Repeat’

Starting their video campaign in April 2013 using Vine, Lowes introduced their 'Fix in Six' series. These six-second DIY videos were so popular that they became an overnight Vine sensation, receiving thirty thousand followers and over forty million loops on their Vines.

Following the same short DIY trend, 'Made in a Minute’ was their next success thanks to Facebook's 360 technology. One particular post generated four thousand shares and a staggering 5.7 million views. Lowes has used the latest video tools across varying social media platforms to repeat this campaign-style to similar success.

The basic strategy Lowes used was to figure out what works for their audience and use it across all platforms. They started off using just one, and introduced variations of the campaign across other platforms, substantially increasing their brand awareness.

Taco Bell - ‘Keep Creating, Keep Tweaking’

Taco Bell has been using video content as part of its digital marketing strategy since 2011, with Facebook driving 92% of its video views. They use humor to engage their target audience, posting short videos on Facebook accompanied by some fun, taco-focused content. The chain also used Snapchat's real-time video to produce a six-minute mini movie titled 'Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos' generating an enormous number of views.

Taco Bell continues to think out of the box: their Snapchat mini movies have demonstrated that they are willing to be bold in order to create history for their brand. This has allowed the brand to consistently maintain a strong viewership over their target audience.

Airbnb - ‘It's All in the Details’

Airbnb is a master of using data from their extensive user-base to create highly targeted, viral-worthy digital marketing campaigns. With an ever increasing social reach of over 650,000 twitter followers and thirteen million Facebook page likes, they’ve managed to reach a massive crowd through their marketing efforts.

Airbnb launched their first short film, ‘Hollywood & Vine’ in 2013. Fans were invited from all over the world to create short vine videos. Out of 750 entries, 100 were chosen to be part of the campaign. Using the power of brand storytelling, Airbnb also created the 'Daily Kindness Bulletin,' a YouTube show highlighting positive stories guaranteed to make your day more cheerful. They continuously use their global reach to create video stories in areas around the world as told by their Airbnb hosts.

The Airbnb marketing philosophy is all about creating a home away from home. They tell a clear and vivid story for their audience and avoid using video content as a tool to exclusively sell product features.

Red Bull - ‘Consistent Postings’

Combine extreme sports and real-time broadcasting, and you’ve landed on a real marketing campaign winner. Now in its third year, Red Bull's 'Crashed Ice Event' is broadcast live on Facebook, and in 2017 received over two million views. Their Youtube channel was the most shared video brand of 2016, where views have soared to over three hundred million. They created a total of 639 videos in 2017, each acquiring more than one million views.

Red Bull doesn’t just make one video and think their work is done. They create and upload quality video content on a consistent basis. By experimenting with different formats, Red Bull have been able to find a concept that clicks with their audience, creating content that keeps their viewers constantly engaged. They are undoubtedly a worldwide, leading brand in the extreme sports industry.

The idea of implementing professional-looking videos can feel daunting for businesses. But there’s no need to let this stop you from testing the water. Video marketing is central to many businesses looking to showcase the simplicity and need for their value proposition, and to quickly demonstrate key features.

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