Simple Fixes to Common Inbound Marketing Errors

Marketing can be challenging, slow and unrewarding at times. Growth hacking and the use of new technology are frequently advocated to help make marketing more efficient and productive. However, a key foundation is to ensure that you always have a dependable inbound strategy already in place. Having consulted five of our clients on this subject, below you will find simple fixes on the most common inbound marketing mistakes.


Taking Too Much Time to Explain What You Do

Lengthy explanations on how products function is one of the most frequent mistakes startups can make in their marketing campaigns. Confusing potential customers by overwhelming them with too much information can lead to crucial data becoming lost. It's called an ‘Elevator Pitch’ for a reason, and having a short explanation, coupled with great visual representation allows for better communication between the startup and the customer.

Specific marketing tools can help to narrow down this approach by saving time, while also solving the problem of why people aren’t gravitating towards a product or service.

Not Investing in Customer Service

As word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have, customer experience is even more critical for an online business, and one area that can always be improved upon.

The goal here is to make customer service run as smoothly as possible because, without it, your marketing efforts can become futile. If customer service calls aren’t being responded to quickly enough, improving your line of communication is essential. One way to help address this issue is to use visual tools such as virtual customer assistants or similar products. These tools can help to provide the first point of contact for customers logging any kind of issue, whilst simultaneously creating an effective storage system for the issues you face and how you overcame them.

Getting the Most Out of Your Brand

Getting customers to believe in your business is the essence of branding. Does your logo correctly reflect your brand? When a new customer sees your business, do they immediately know what you do? Answering these questions can be tough, but the results will hopefully provide a clearer picture as to where you should direct your branding efforts in the future.

Video marketing can serve as a unique tool throughout the branding process. Being able to show audiences a company’s ideology through visual representation can increase customer engagement whilst also minimizing the time taken to do so.

Increasing Your Social Media Engagement

As a startup, looking for inexpensive ways to market yourself is crucial, as this will help you get the best ROI per your efforts. Social media has become the pinnacle of building up a following without necessarily spending a fortune. With recent changes to specific social media platforms, the key to increasing a brands status is by increasing engagement. Holding audiences on a page for more extended periods of time expands the reach of a post or advert.

One proven method to help increase engagement is through short videos. Evidence repeatedly shows that creating compelling video content running thirty seconds or less can generate high user traffic, encourage conversation and therefore increase engagement more than any other media format.

New and exciting marketing techniques are continually being developed to help startups stay ahead of the curve. Video marketing is central to many businesses looking to showcase the simplicity and need for their value proposition, and to demonstrate key features quickly.

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