Generate New Leads Through Video Marketing

Why is video so prevalent in modern digital marketing? Simple: human nature. Our brains assimilate so much more when utilizing visual and auditory input. Video is gaining a monopoly on the time we spend online, so it’s no surprise that over 80% of marketers are already harnessing the power video has to offer. From a biological standpoint, it’s all about preserving resources, but from a marketing point of view, it’s the possibility of turning every single viewer into a lead. Taking this into account, we’ve listed the key reasons as to how video can help generate new leads, whilst simultaneously increasing audience engagement.


Video Establishes Trust

Consumers have become overwhelmed with the abundance of content that enters their lives on a daily basis: emails, click baits, social media posts. Standing out from the crowd is no doubt challenging.

Video content is created in a way that is much easier to consume compared to other marketing campaigns. Video establishes trust with your audience, adds value and increases audience engagement. By putting your brand in front of the camera, you are showcasing your unique values.

Video Creates More Reach

A recent study from Responsive Inbound Marketing found that video is 1200 times more shareable than images and text alone. There’s only so much traffic that you can generate on your own, but by creating content that holds your audience's attention for longer, you increase the likelihood of audiences sharing the video with their digital and social networks.

Video Allows for a More Refined Community

The ability to filter potential clients through segmentation creates a prime opportunity to generate more high-quality leads. Creating an email gate is an effective way to generate these kinds of leads. Asking viewers to enter their email address before gaining access to your video will help to refine specific leads and establish your authority on the subject by offering highly relevant content.

Video Increases Engagement

Creating Calls-To-Action (CTAs) for your video content can generate a 21% conversion rate in comparison to content without. We already know that video provides a much more entertaining and engaging platform than images and text alone. Therefore, placing CTAs at the end of your videos produces a higher probability of potential clients acting on what they’re seeing. With your company fresh in their minds, CTAs provide the perfect opportunity for consumers to convert their interest into a possible business opportunity.

The idea of implementing professional-looking videos can feel daunting for businesses. But there’s no need to let this stop you from testing the water. Video marketing is central to many businesses looking to showcase the simplicity and need for their value proposition, and to quickly demonstrate key features.

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