Essential Marketing Strategies For Any Startup

If potential customers don’t know about your business and what it offers, it’s much harder for them to be confident enough to purchase your products or services. Creating and implementing a meaningful and efficient marketing strategy is a high priority, and this is especially the case for startups.


Startups are hungry for growth. As your business grows and expands its presence, the goal is to attract customers through word of mouth. Until that happens, why not consider implementing the following marketing strategies to bolster the growing appreciation that the marketplace is developing for your business?

Utilizing Email

Email marketing is an essential and cost-effective strategy for attracting customers. Once you have a prospect or customer's email address, you can create tailored and bespoke material that will promote your startup and inform them about your offerings.

Building a contact list can be challenging and time-consuming. Your business almost certainly has a website: why not consider placing a sign-up form to capture email addresses and keep customers up to date with the latest information about your business? The critical thing to remember is that you should diversify your emails by including non-commercial content like guides, how-to articles, videos, and infographics. If you only send advertorial emails, subscribers may opt out of receiving your content.

Creating a Blog

A recent study found that businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those without. With a blog, you have more control on your industry position through the content you produce and share. Creating useful content that your audience will want to read and share has a direct correlation on your organic search traffic, thereby helping to increase and raise awareness of your brand.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search is a tried and tested advertising channel for startups. It allows business owners to buy targeted traffic from search engines. The major search engines feature keyword targeting with cost-per-click (CPC) pricing models. You can create custom adverts that appear in search results when a keyword related to your business is searched.

The most appealing feature of paid search is its ‘cost-per-click’ pricing model, where you’re only charged when someone clicks on your advert. This helps to simplify the process of optimizing your paid search campaigns for a higher return on investment.

Being Social

With more than 2.4 billion social media users, incorporating these channels into your marketing strategy is, without doubt, an essential tool for all businesses. Some social media platforms allow business owners to pay for traffic and exposure. By posting ads which are engaging and relevant, consumers will want to share your content with their social circles. You can also encourage readers to engage by responding to their questions and comments.

Video Marketing can be a perfect tool to help sculpt social media adverts which can drive brand awareness and growth. To see our blog post on how short video can help with social media branding, click here.

Event Sponsorship

Business owners can look to sponsor events that are relevant to their operations or what they offer. Sponsoring a local event can help to increase your brand’s reach, whilst generating plenty of networking opportunities.

The idea of implementing professional-looking videos can feel daunting for businesses. But there’s no need to let this stop you from testing the water. Video marketing is central to many businesses looking to showcase the simplicity and need for their value proposition, and to quickly demonstrate key features.

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